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Meet Vee Filez, the VFILES + BRATZ doll and social media maven with her own Instagram account and VFILES profile! Vee comes with nine accessories (including oversized hoop earrings and a shopping bag) and two outfits.

Outfit 1: Green patent leather jacket featuring VFILES + BRATZ smiley face graphic, shredded skinny jeans with leopard trim, crop top and underwear set with pink "Girl Power" slogan and VFILES + BRATZ logo elastic band, red sneaker heels, and yellow patent leather smiley circle backpack.

Outfit 2: Black hooded varsity jacket, "Girl Power" crop top, faux leopard mini skirt, striped tube socks, heeled utility boots, iPhone case, striped beanie, and urban visor. 

All dolls are limited edition and numbered 1 through 225.


VFILES has teamed up with the iconic fashion doll franchise, Bratz®, to produce a limited edition doll named Vee Filez and an adult-sized capsule collection for the 2015 holiday season.

Vee Filez is the new Bratz®. She embodies a movement greater than herself––a movement for expression, individuality, and equality through positive ACTION. Vee has the power to enact change through unique and unexpected avenues, fearlessly fighting for what's right while having FUN and FEELING great doing it. 

The exclusive VFILES + BRATZ line includes Vee, a social media maven with her own Instagram account and VFILES profile, and a three-piece capsule of adult-sized apparel: a VFILES Sport Plus + Bratz hockey jersey, an iPhone 6 case, and a six-pin set. Limited quantities. 

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