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Long sleeve yellow t-shirt with printed front, back and sleeves. 100% cotton. Made in USA.

Expect slight variations–all printing, sewing and dying are done by hand.


Pre-shrunk. Fits true to size.


Founded in fall 2016 by Stacy with a few simple one-color tees made on  a hand built wooden press, stacy.house has quickly grown to embody the spirit of DIY culture through its designs, labor-intensive and small batch techniques, and its unflinching dedication to not taking short cuts. Each piece is created by hand in the basement of a punk house in north Portland. The rough-cut aesthetic of the designs is austere without being sloppy, and it's compounded by each choice of material and process, embracing mistakes along the way. Classically cheap Gildan blanks are put on a pedestal by sewing the Gildan label back on next to each full length, hand printed stacy.house tag. The imperfections of batch hand dyes are left bare to the world, as are the skipped stitches and frayed edges of muslin and canvas patching. Stacy.house is a fashion house in a dilapidated basement, doing the most with the least.
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